Where to buy a used vehicle in UK

Buying a used car is an increasingly popular choice among people – about 3/4 of all car sales are sales of used vehicles. And with the increasing demand of used motor vehicles, there are more and more places to buy one. The UK car market is swamped with used trucks, SUVs, small cars, etc. You have the private sellers that sell their cars through online directories or newspapers, and you have the used car supermarkets that are more organized, have a huge choice and offer incentives such as car warranties and financing options.

For instance, Used Car Supermarket | Fords of Winsford has over 1500 used and nearly new cars on site at any time. They claim that you literally can find any make and model on FOW’s lot.

Finally, there is a third newer option for buying a pre-owned car and these are CPO dealerships or Certified pre-owned dealerships. But let’s discuss all three options in more details

Private seller

 Any of us can be a private seller. If you want to sell your used vehicle, you can just put an ad in an online directory such as eBay or Craigslist and you are set. Buying a car from a private seller is usually the cheapest option out of the three, but it also comes with the greatest risks. Not every one of the private sellers is a previous owner like you, who wants to sell his car. When buying private, you may often fall victim to a deceiving seller, who will sell you a car with many hidden damages or a car that whose odometer has been altered, or winded back so that it shows lower millage then it actually has. Ultimately, you may also be a victim of an unscrupulous seller and end up buying a stolen car.

Supermarket for cars

 Buying from an auto supermarket is a little bit more expensive than a private seller, but a lot safer. Supermarkets for cars are legal businesses and therefore you are much more legally protected when buying from a supermarket. The risks of buying a faulty or a stolen car are almost non-existent. For instance, Fords of Winsford expert employees do a meticulous double-check on all the cars they sell and every used supermarket car sold on the FOW’s lot has a full history report. Furthermore, larger supermarkets offer the same products and benefits that you’ll get from a car ownership – financial products, warranties and GAP protection.

Fords of Winsford are licensed credit brokers, so they have a variety of financial products (HP, PCP) and financial providers for you to choose from. They also have their FOW Gold extended warranty and a GAP protection. This all in one approach is the reason why Fords of Winsford are so popular in the United Kingdom and why so many car shoppers from Liverpool, Crewe, Manchester, Stoke, Stockport, Bolton, Wirral, Preston, Warrington, Shropshire, Oldham, Wigan, Telford, Wrexham, Burnley, Connah’s Quay, Chester, Llandudno and Widnes go to shop for cars there.

Certified pre-owned dealership

A certified pre-owned car is a car that has been fully inspected, refurbished and certified by a manufacturer of cars. Because of this, CPO cars are the safest choice – they have passed rigorous MOT inspections and were certified by their manufacturer. But this also means that they are much more expensive than a regular used vehicle sold by a private seller or a supermarket for cars. All certified pre-owned cars are nearly new and there is zero risk of any foul play. But almost all CPO cars are luxury models that are too expensive for the average consumer.