Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility

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An example of Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility:

Patrick checked his watch. He was having some of the art from his gallery hung in the suite of rooms he had reserved for tonight. He didn’t want  to call the foreman again, but he was getting anxious – the table on the balcony still needed to be set! The hotel was providing the centerpiece and candles, as well as scheduling a chef to cater to their needs for dinner. He’d never spent this much money on a single date in his life, but Marlene was worth it.

He was slightly worried about that … she was SO practical, would she not care for such an extravagant night? He’d been working on showing Marlene just how special and beautiful she was. She didn’t ask for romantic gestures, but her smile when he surprised her made his heart swell. He wanted to spend the rest of his life making her smile.

He thought back to the first time they met, at an art fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. Her elegant dress with its simple lines, with just the right amount of accent jewelry, made her stand out against all the gaudier women in attendance. The up-sweep of her hair framed her face perfectly. She looked so confident that he wasn’t sure she’d talk to him – but she seemed so amazing, he couldn’t help but try.

She was in front of one of his favorite pieces, so he said hello and started going on about the artist and his work. She seemed rather cool and aloof, but as he continued to pour on the charm, she started looking sort of amused. This surprised him, women had usually melted by now! He was
determined, and fascinated by her strong character, so he stopped talking and asked her what she thought. To his surprise and delight, she was far more knowledgeable and witty than he expected. Certainly moreso than most of the beautiful women he met at these events, most looking to catch a rich husband.

As a matter of fact, he started to worry that she might even be smarter than he was! He didn’t like to admit his insecurities, but all the same he found himself telling her, a bit defensively, that he was the owner of the gallery they were standing in. Was that a flash in her eye? She didn’t seem to be the type to be impressed by money, but he didn’t care; whatever made her look at him like that was a good thing, in his book. She was FAR more clever and subtle at working into the conversation that she was on the board of the charity that the fundraiser was for. If his friends had ever asked him for a list of what he looked for in a woman, the words “a generous heart” probably wouldn’t be on it; however, the
thought of such a busy career woman taking the time to help sick little kids made his own heart melt like butter.

Patrick’s phone chimed, the foreman had texted him to let him know that the art and temporary lighting was all in place. He hurried to the manager’s office to let him know that they could start setting up the table for dinner.

Marlene sat at her desk, collecting her thoughts and massaging her temples. She loved her job at the bank, but it was a lot harder work than people thought! There had been a lot of meetings lately while the company bought a smaller, floundering bank. She was so engrossed in the contract-writing that she nearly forgot to eat lunch. Patrick’s text about dinner tonight reminded her of food before she got a hunger-headache. It was almost like he knew what her needs were before she did!

She smiled, thinking about the phrase “opposites attract”, and how true it was for them. He was very out-going and charming, while she was quieter and more reserved. He was very obvious with his emotions, while she was more reserved. But there was so much they had in common as well – intelligence, a love of the arts, mutual respect, financial responsibility – it was really amazing, in a way.

The opposites worked for them far more in their emotional life. They hadn’t been intimate yet, but they fulfilled each others needs perfectly. He was sensitive and comforting. Marlene wasn’t the best at telling someone she had needs – but with Patrick she didn’t need to. Even something seemingly minor like a mid-day phone call just to say “hi” and “how are you” could turn a challenging day into a much brighter, cheery one.

Packing up her papers for the day, she was also reminiscing about the day that they met. As much as she loved raising money for medical research, the chatty cocktail parties and such usually got on her nerves. She hated spending money on catering that could go toward a cure. The other board members assured her that the checks they collected at these events outweighed the expense, though, and were their biggest fund-raising events by far.

Fortunately Marlene didn’t get cornered by too many of the more annoying contributors, wanting her to know just how awesome they were for giving away so much of their money. It was so nice that they did, but she would MUCH rather be doing something more constructive. The venue was beautiful, though, and the art was definitely to her taste. No weird abstracts or anything; some solid and gorgeous pieces by new artists who were classically trained, but still making it all their own. She was gazing at one particularly fascinating painting when an equally gorgeous, well tailored man came up and started talking to her.

She knew exactly how to excuse herself from boring conversations, but he was charming and witty, and very knowledgeable about art. Well, at least this particular piece – she felt as if she could pass an exam on it now! The thought made her smile, which made him hesitate a bit. What was that all about? He looked briefly worried, then changed the subject to the gallery in general, trying to work in the fact that he was the owner very casually. He wasn’t as successful at it as he probably hoped, but the crack in the smooth “come-on” facade made him more attractive, in some way. She was also surprised, he looked too young to own a gallery at all, let alone a successful one. Could a man be handsome, talented, smart and creative? It sounded too good to be true, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out more about him.

And get to know him, she did. When it looked like he was going to end the night without asking her out, she took the plunge and asked him to dinner the following night. He had a private function he was hosting, but asked her if she was free the next week. Her meetings tended to be during the day, so she was.

As witty and charming as he is, she found out that he also had the most amazing mood swings. On their third date, she got a text to call the office; they had just got the word on buying the smaller bank, and had to arrange the meeting for the next day. She excused herself to the lobby to take it, not wanting to be rude by talking business at the table, on the phone where he wouldn’t be a part of it. She couldn’t have been gone for more than ten minutes, but when she got back, he looked upset. And was … pouting? A grown man? At first that pissed her off a little, but she bit back her sharp retort and apologized for having to take the call, and explained why it was important. As soon as she said “sorry”,
his feathers seemed to un-ruffle, and he was as sweet and romantic as always.

On another date, he was talking about being frustrated by some of the business aspects of the gallery. He wasn’t asking for help, just going on about his day, but business was her forte, and she mentioned a few things that had worked for some of her clients. He looked amazed and impressed, and she nearly looked around to see who he was being amazed by! Something that was an off-hand comment to her turned out to be a godsend for him.
Just one more way they fit together like the symbol of the Tao.

She was on her way! Patrick didn’t think he could smile any wider, but he thought that his face was going to crack. He couldn’t wait to tell her how much more profit his gallery was making, due to her suggestions. Sometimes she seemed so insecure and unsure of herself, she didn’t realize just how incredible she was. Or beautiful – sometimes they met for lunch, and even in her practical business suits, she was the picture of gentle femininity and charm. Luckily he warned her that he had a special night planned (just not what), she’d never forgive him if he didn’t give her the opportunity to change into something appropriate!

He surveyed the suite. He didn’t go for ideas that were too corny, no rose petals scattered everywhere, or other ideas that you could get on the internet. The rooms of the suite itself were elegant but simple, neutral cream tones with deep burgundy accents on the walls and furniture. The artwork he had had hung were splashes of color adding just enough warmth, and he had brought a few personal items from home to make the place seem more like an apartment, and not a sterile hotel.

He was wearing the same suit he had worn the night that they met, with a tie and pocket corner that matched the room accents. The table had a matching tablecloth, and the hotel had procured a centerpiece that was stunning, but small enough for an intimate dinner. He tried not to keep obsessively checking the details; he had already been down to the kitchen to check out the food and be introduced to the server that would be assigned to them for as long as they needed him. It turns out that it was a polite, professional waiter that had served him before, so Patrick knew that he didn’t have to worry on that account.  Everything seemed perfect. He hoped she wasn’t too tired; she worked so hard, he worried about her sometimes.

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