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Do not expect for the Cancer man to put his soul on the table the first time you meet. He is not the type that confesses to strangers, there might be some things about him that even his best friends don’t know.

It will take time and patience to really get to know him. If you catch him in one of his ugly phases, you might not even want to know him, but don’t give up that easily. He might be superficial and lightheaded, but he is also sensitive and loyal. Unexpectedly that dark frown can turn into a gentle smile. Endless complaints and rude behavior can be gradually replaced by a gentle tone and a playful chuckle, or even an unleashed laughter. When you see him down or sad you should hug him to alleviate his melancholy. You will sometimes see him exercising his sharp intuitive mind and you will be stunned. The cancer man will impress you with his caution and also depress you with his pessimism. He will be so gracious and attentive that you almost expect him to invite you to a minuet.

There is no doubt that he is a romantic dreamer, yet he is so rational and practical at the same time. So what can you do with such a man? Try to understand him. All of these are not profound personality changes, just some moods that will disappear. Both during and in between these phases, the cancer man will remain true to his personality. His nature will never deviate from the base pattern despite his mood swings. Always try to remember that despite acting harsh, his heart is warm, affectionate and sentimental, sometimes making him vulnerable. You will almost give up when he will retreat in silence. But as soon as he gets back to normal you will return to him. Unfortunately, the cancer man is able to ruin everyone’s mood by manifesting an opened discontent, for everyone and anything surrounding him spreading his pessimism. Other times he might be the funnies man alive. Sometimes you will have trouble deciding to turn your back on him or just hold him in your arms. For him is not easy to find a partner wordy of his love, but when it happens he be sentimental and kind, and will shower her with gifts and admiration. However his standards are pretty high because he lives in constant fear of not being loved.

A bad relationship for others means just several weeks of sadness, but for the cancer male in love it spells disaster. If separated from a partner to whom he had become close, he can love her like they were still together, for many years after separation. He won’t jump head-first in the first relationship, but if he realizes that you are the one for him, he will fill the mailbox, sleep on your doormat and fill your voicemail until you say yes. This is the cancer man in loveRelated articles

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