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The Capricorn Woman has order in her feelings. Although passionate, she doesn’t have enough courage to declare her intentions and that is why she needs to be seduced.  Very caution and withdrawn, if she will gain confidence in her partner will change her behavior showing leadership abilities.

When she knows she is loved she is on the 9-th cloud, but she has enough reserves to be down to earth. The nature of her sign determines her to be reserved. She is always ready to be adored and admired but no man will ever “own” her. The Capricorn woman knows what she wants from a man although her man will never know what she is thinking. Some find her distance as tormenting; maybe it’s because she knows how to hide her feelings. She is destined to be the wife of the working man. In reality her behavior hides the fear of love; because she wants to be sure that the one she is with is the one for her.  She needs stability and safety, so the man that she chooses, will feel her true love. She is very faithful, but on the other hand she has the need to be loved and admired and that is why she is distant at first.

She is trying to evaluate her opportunities and risks right from the beginning, before she lets herself seduced. If she makes a mistake in choosing her partner it’s usually a big mistake and will try to get something positive out of it. The Capricorn woman is packed with patience and strength. In the storm of life she is always strong and dependable. Do not ever hurt her in any way because she never forgives, and never forgets. She is forever lonely and independent and will continue to run her own life. When married she will demand financial independence. But on top of all that she is still a woman and appreciate beauty, cleanliness, fashion, makeup and many women will ask for her advice.

Extremely organized, she will try to dominate her man and play according to her agenda that is why week men are very attracted to the Capricorn woman. In general she gets married late, after living her life without becoming a sexual object. Her passion is so profound that she can’t live without love. She is very faithful, always sating loyal to her life partner.  Most of the time she will dedicate herself to charity work, and take her life very seriously being convinced that she can achieve higher goals.

Capricorn woman is very ambitious and almost never happy. She gladly receives advices, although she is a bit stubborn, and uses all the information she receives. Sometimes less talented people will try to steal her rightful place, but that would be for a short period of time because her patience is very limited. The Capricorn woman will try to control every aspect of your life, but everything she will do is in your best interest.

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