CCTV installation to make sure your security is up to date

The legislation around CCTV installation can be confusing; the legal guidelines for the installer are surprisingly vague for something that can have such a large impact.

Different counties and councils often set their own guidelines when it comes to installing CCTV, making it difficult to know how to tackle an individual product. Even the online guidelines can often be conflicting depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your CCTV coverage.

There are an estimated over 4 million CCTV cameras throughout the UK and this number is only expected to increase with the continued development of technology and the drop in price this coincides with.samsung_kamere

Though the guidelines are produced by the Home Office and the Information Commissioner, the exact legislations alternate between the nation’s constabularies.  It is your local council that you have to look to for guidelines on all CCTV systems in your local area. These are usually general guidelines to ensure that the instillation of your CCTV is not in breach of a series of legal Acts (such as the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act). These are also set to make sure that CCTV systems operate for the right reasons (e.g. crime prevention).

If you are looking to install CCTV in licensed premises then you will have to research the guidelines of your local constabulary. This is important as they may well refuse an establishment the right to operate if their CCTV system does not meet their standards. Each police force throughout the country has the right to set its own requirements, though some may just refer you to the Information Commissioners website that you can find listed on our website.

If you intend to use your CCTV system to produce CCTV evidence in a prosecution at any time your system must adhere to the Information Commissioners generic Code of Practice. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where their security system puts them is a position of vulnerability.

Our website contains many links to other CCTV installation guidelines and we also offer advice as well as CCTV installation training. If you are uncomfortable with setting up your own system then our expert CCTV installers can provide a complete CCTV surveillance system service, including a consultation, instillation and keeping up with CCTV maintenance.

Blanksystems has established itself as a trusted and reliable CCTV installer and service provider for both Domestic and Business CCTV equipment, and has built a professional and trustworthy reputation as a specialised CCTV installation company with the resources to offer a comprehensive installations.

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