Ceramic flat iron reviews

As a brief review, the U9 Pro Ceramic flat iron is one of the most cost effective items available in the market today. The technological skills used in its construction and the numerous features give users access to all kinds of functions, whether it comes to waves, flips, curls or just straight hair. From different people opinions, the U9 Pro innovation hair straightener flat iron is the excellent proof that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get high quality products.

The difference in the price between one flat iron and another are hard to rationalize by an average individual. Essentially, you will discover the exact same features in two different flat irons, yet one of them is five times more expensive. But once you buy a cheap hair straightener, you will realize that tangling and chipping issues are responsible for keeping the prices that low. In a perfect case, you should find a simple and clear iron that is not too expensive. Luckily, you can. The U9 Pro Ceramic Dual Voltage Hair Straightener Flat Iron brings in the best features available in the market, along with a few additional bonuses. While it does not break the bank, it is important to note that cheap products can often work amazing things on the hair. You practically do not have to pay for an expensive brand, but just use the amazing features coming with it.


Features of the U9 Pro Ceramic flat iron

Unsurprisingly, the U9 Pro iron is often used in many professional hair salons as well. It heats within seconds only and provides a smooth experience. It underlines the tourmaline ceramic technology, which guarantees an even heat distribution, as well as negative ions for a smooth and silky design. Forget about frizz, tangling and chipping issues because they don’t exist with ceramic flat iron (more ceramic flat iron reviews at DezireeAstra.com).

The plates are 1 inch wide, so you get access to deep customization levels. Large plates might suits long hair better because they save a lot of time. But if you don’t want the whole hair straightened, thin plates give you the chance to create small curls and long waves. Plus, they are perfect for ladies with a short hair. Moreover, the barrel style is round, while the temperature is flexible and can be adjusted to suits to your needs – 280 to 450® F.

The built in universal voltage guarantees an optimum experience in any place in the world. The power adapter is built in, as well as a tangle free rotating cord. The heat- resistant and customized plastic protector is very handy for storage and traveling, especially when you are in haste. Other than that, the products automatically switch itself off 30 minutes of inactivity for additional safety.


  • Very light in weight
  • Multiple layers of ceramic
  • Turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Heats up within seconds
  • Digital display
  • 4 year warranty
  • Very long cord
  • Excellent for various treatments at high temperatures
  • Adjustable temperature