Charity Auction for Tim Cook Reaches $605,000

Here at FTA we heard an interesting fact the other day from the guys over at , as many know we are a big fan of Apple (even if they don’t make a free to air receiver yet (; (they make everything else so its always possible)….


What would you pay to have coffee with the CEO of Apple? Tim Cook has offered a 30-60 minute coffee break for a Charitybuzz auction, and the highest bid is currently $605,000. Even if you drink very, very slowly it will still cost you over $10,000 per minute, which may make this the costliest cup of coffee ever.

The existing Charitybuzz record is the March auction that allowed a US purchaser to skip to the top of the waiting line for a new 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. The winning bid for the Lamborghini was $610,000, only slightly more than the current high bid for Mr. Cook. Since the Tim Cook auction hasn’t closed, it may still best the Lamborghini. The auction opened April 24, and will close in the late afternoon of May 14.

The original estimated value for the coffee break was only $50,000, so this auction has massively exceeded all expectations. Bidding began at $5000 and within a day had reached $170,000. Now, 85 bids later, the highest bid is $605,000. The auction is eclipsing other celebrity auctions which are running during this time period. As of this writing, the high bids for time with Robert DeNiro, Francis Ford Copolla, and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz are each less than a hundredth of the Cook high bid. Even the final bid for a full day with Bill Clinton was under half of the current bid for one hour with Tim Cook. Whatever is discussed over the coffee, there are a lot of people who think it will be a highly worthwhile exchange.

The auction’s high bid was made a week ago. Are there remaining bidders waiting to go higher in the final moments? Will there be a final bidding frenzy at the end? Is coffee with Apple’s CEO really worth more than a new Lamborghini? The answers will be out May 14.

The Cook auction proceeds will go to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Charitybuzz is an internet company located in New York City, and is known for auctioning luxury items, celebrity-based interactions, and notable experiences. As of mid-2012, the company has raised over $75 million for various charities.

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