Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac is a principle which dates back to over 2,000 years. A zodiac sign based on the lunar cycle, that is believed to conclude the zodiac sign a person is born under. Every zodiac has been given separate set of qualities that contribute mainly towards the character of the person born in it.


The twelve zodiac signs and the basic quality traits they have.

  1. Rat

Rat is known to have a good sense of humor, superb social skills and charm. If you are born under this sign you are very ambitious and take each decision after careful assessment.

  1. Ox

Ox is stubborn, strong-willed, patient as well as introvert. People born under this sign are very dependable and honest.

  1. Tiger

Even if tiger is known to be self-sufficient and big-hearted, those who are born under this zodiac sign are pushy and impulsive. They are born leaders and their features consist of courage, charm and moodiness.

  1. Rabbit

Rabbit is smart and sensitive. They are known to be a bit aloof. People under rabbit sign cannot be provoked easily because they think twice prior to taking an action.

  1. Snake

Snake is mater seducers. Some traits of people under this sign are smart, independence, intuitiveness, lethargy as well as shrewdness. Snakes are known to be insecure and jealous.

  1. Horse

Horse is free-spirited and independent. What is more, horse also exhibit traits like alertness, gregariousness as well as boldness.

  1. Goat

Goat tends to worry so much. They are sensitive, generous and thoughtful. By nature, goat is innovative and creative.

  1. Monkey

Monkey is social, cunning and charismatic. Other traits which people under this sign possess are lack of self-discipline and superb convincing power.

  1. Rooster

Rooster is not just effective; however they are very systematic in the whole thing they do. Other important traits of a rooster include smart, blunt and sincere. They are very loyal and trustworthy.

  1. Dog

Good traits of dog are selfless, honest, kind and hard-working. They are good listeners and very reliable. People born under this sign are adventurous and fun loving.

  1. Pig/Boar

People under this sign are sincere and possess traits like sincere, good principles and very flexible.

  1. Dragon

Dragon is multifaceted, meticulous and confident.

Chinese Zodiac signs are renowned to have a powerful effect on people’s personality, and their relationship with other people. But, they are not only responsible for the way we act, feel or adjust in the society. Through knowing your Chinese zodiac sign you can find a great deal about yourself and your partner. So, it is ideal to consult expert.