How to Choose the Best Foot Massager

A foot massager can relax and ease tight muscles and tendons in the feet to help alleviate foot and leg pain. These massaging units are ideal for anyone that suffers from chronic aches and pains in their legs and feet that are caused by medical conditions, or from standing all day. While there are several different types of massagers for your feet, there are some features that consumers should consider before purchasing a massaging unit.

Types of Foot Massagers

To choose the best foot massager buyers first need to learn about the different types. There are three basic models available to consumers, and each one has different health benefits. Finding the right foot massager will depend on the individual needs of the customer.

Manual and multiple roller foot massagers are the least expensive and use a tube or roller to rub the aches and pains out of the foot muscles. These foot massagers are usually lightweight, and easy to use anywhere. Since it does not require electricity, a manual foot massager is ideal for the gym or the office. One benefit to using a massage unit with rollers is that you can control the intensity of the experience. This can be especially helpful for people who have sensitive feet.

Electric foot massagers are available in a wide range of styles and prices, with some of the more expensive models able to treat foot pain that is caused by diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. Some of the massaging foot pads use rubber nubs that vibrate to stimulate the pressure points in the feet, while others use an oscillating or rolling device. Electric massagers can soothe and treat both feet at the same time, and some include foot beds that are deep enough to rub the pressure points located on the tops of the feet and ankles.

Spa massagers are generally only used at home, and are not recommended for travel. Similar to the electric models, only the spa foot massager using heat and water along with rollers or an oscillating mechanism. It is usually recommended that if someone is suffering from chronic foot pain to also purchase an inexpensive manual massager to pack for use away from home.

Foot Massager Features

There are several features consumers should consider before purchasing a massager for their feet. It is important to first decide which function is most important for comfort and relieving foot pain before purchasing a new massager. Once these features have been identified, it will be possible to find the perfect foot massager to treat individualneeds and preferences.

Comfort is important, and some foot massagers have a cushioned surface. This helps to pad and protect sensitive during the procedure, and it can also form to the user’s foot so they can get all of the benefits of the foot massage. A cushioned surface can also help to prevent feet from sliding while the unit is running, this can be especially helpful for the ergonomically designed massaging foot pads.

Being able to choose between multiple speeds will let users customize their foot massage. Most units offer three speeds, while some offer different preprogrammed settings. One thing to remember when looking for a multiple speed foot massager is to ensure that the bottom is non slip. The device should also have a stable bottom to prevent it from tilting when it is running at a higher speed.

The control panel should also be easy and convenient to operate, without having to stop the foot massage. Some include remote controls with purchase, but most use a toe touch panel. This ensures that the functions can be controlled by tapping a button with a toe so the massage does not have to be interrupted.

Extra Features

Depending on what type of foot massager, some include heaters and water jets. The heat can be controlled like the speed, and can help to relax and soothe aching, tired feet. The water jets release warm water, and can also be adjusted for comfort. The massaging water jets and bubbles are ideal for anyone who is suffering from poor circulation, or muscle cramps.

With these things in mind, it is possible to choose the right foot massager. Simply look for a model that meets all of the needs, and ensure that the price is within the budget. After a few uses, most people are amazed at the improvement in their quality of life.

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