Why Cleaning Up your Email List is So Important

People change or abandon their email addresses more often than you think. A valid email address today could be a bad or dead email tomorrow. On average, 20-25% of all email address around the world are changed annually and most old emails are simply left to collect emails from individuals who didn’t know the person changed their email address. Companies that collect email addresses on their website, over a period of time, might be shocked to find out that a good chunk of email addresses they are sending to consist of dead or no longer used emails. Trying to deliver the email addresses in your list to bad, dead and abandoned emails is a really bad idea.  Sending to a list that hasn’t been cleaned or validated gives you a greater chance of being rejected, damaging your IP reputation or worse, getting you listed as a spammer or blacklisted.

It’s time to get your email database updated by using a service that will scrub, clean and validate your list. We noticed our emails weren’t performing the way the used to, so we did some research on the web and after reviewing a number of companies who provided this service, decided to select Email Answers.  I would recommend the email list cleaning service offered by Email Answers. We used their service and it really helped our email delivery and cut down on the emails we were sending to dead accounts. The difference, after cleaning, was well worth it. Our email campaigns are now going into the inbox, versus before when some would hit the junk folder or be rejected altogether.

Removing bad and no longer used emails from your email lists by thoroughly cleaning and validating your data on a regular basis should be a scheduled task of your entire email marketing program and not be forgotten. The last thing your company needs is to be blocked from sending email campaigns because you made the simple mistake of sending to dead emails or bad lists.