Clickclap, an ideal application for the greetings for the New Year.

Everyone wants to be original, especially when you sincerely want to congratulate friends.

The easiest way to share and that will never depreciate? It’s in a good mood. We share it with your emotion. The concept is simple – share your emotions and you will be original. Emotion can not be repeated, it is unique as the beating heart and a fingerprint. The new application allows you to do it digitally impersonal world, make it real, “humanize” it.

And most importantly: it’s fast: you do not need to download a variety of applications, to remove the beautiful greetings. Emotions are transmitted not only visually, music and color filters  complement them. With Clickclap impossible to shoot the ugly video: enough to put a soundtrack or original filter. All this is done in a single application in a couple of clicks  and your can share your congratulations   with your friends.

Well, all your videos are stored in the system and are always available to you, you can see what was said last year, not to be repeated, or vice versa ready to use video. Moreover, you can view all your congratulations in a continuous stream, i