Why We Need the Cloud

Why We Need the Cloud


One reason that we need the cloud is to save money.  There is no need to pay for large amounts of disk and storage space, or any need to purchase, install or upgrade expensive software.  You only need to pay for applications when you need them, and many are provided free of charge.  Another advantage is ease of use, as there is no need to download or install software – it is already done for you – and the cloud is adaptable in that you can get more storage for a small fee if ever you require it.

We also need the cloud because it enables increased storage capacity and automation.  As the cloud provides us with an almost unlimited amount of storage compared to hard drives and server limits, it is possible to store a lot more than was previously realistically possible.  It also enables you to upgrade and get more storage at any time, providing you with increased flexibility, while it being automatic ensures that all of your files are backed up in real-time.


Finally, cloud computing provides us with increased flexibility and agility.  Files can be accessed at anytime and anywhere, allowing employees to move around more freely.  Storage space can be increased or decreased according to need, and you only have to pay for what you use.  Furthermore, as the cloud is doing almost everything for you, you do not need to hire IT professionals to work on maintenance but instead can use them in ways that can help improve your business.


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