Common SAP Business Warehouse Mistakes to watch

image001In everything we do, mistake occur. Nothing can really be done to 100% perfection rate but one sure thing is you can be sure to be close the perfection mark as much as possible if you want. You can only do this if common mistakes are not given room. For SAP, I have highlighted the common mistakes that many people make probably because of negligence or lack of proper knowledge. The point here is to avoid the mistakes and not in any way criticize the standard operating procedures already in place.

image002Project management Plan: You cannot expect to master SAP BW without a proper plan. It is a must do process. So this is probably the first point to start with.

You must ensure Meta chains are used when linking multiple related process chains

Info cubes must be partitioned and leveraging multicubes is a must. These happen to be very common mistakes day in day out so you must avoid them if you must keep the seek time minimal and leap maximum from parallel processing.

A robust naming convention must be established as earlier as possible at every start of the project

All available business content must be thoroughly investigated and carefully selected before the installation can be done.

Data Transfer Processes must be correctly included in process chains to avoid them failing at any given time.

Ensure the Infocubes are properly partitioned within the infocube itself. For instance a finance cube can be partitioned into 20 portions say for a cube that holds about one year of data.

A line item dimension for every document number must be made so as to avoid any unexpected confusion.

The business content that relates to needs of the clients must be enhanced and full optimization done. For example, many consultants tend to assume that optimal designs are in place with the business contents, which is not always the case as many studies reveal. If say a multicube is attached to a sales cube the consultant must ensure data flow.

Historical data must be loaded. The data is very essential since this is the same data that analysis will be based.

When automating the variable screen, authorization variable must be used. These include but not limited to selection of company codes. In most cases, security is normally established but then, selection of company codes is a must even if the user lacks any option

A project folder is also a must have. This sounds obvious but it is very critical. In this folder all the project documents are stored. If not created some information may be misplaced and this is not something professional anyone can be proud of.

A project charter is also another requirement that must be in place.

In addition to a scope management plan, it is also very essential to ensure that the stakeholders’ management plan is in place.

image003Finally you must estimate the project durations. This is common practice but sometimes it is often skipped, so together with the management plan ensure they are in place and mistakes will all be behind you.

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