Comparing online dating sites

Germany’s online dating jungle
Germany is a land of singles. Finding a partner appears to get more and more complicated. No wonder that 41% of singles in Germany consider online dating a viable option to find the right partner. Also not surprising is, that the market of online dating flourishes and new German dating sites pop up almost daily.

One size doesn’t fit all
Don’t waste time and money on the wrong sites. Are you looking to get married, are you looking for casual dates or merely hot flirts? Do you have certain sexual preferences? Do you seek a partner that fits a certain profile? Not all dating sites will fit your needs and preferences, that’s why we created our website that compares and tests online dating sites.

Find the right online dating site for you
With our website, we aim to compare and test online dating portals and to give advice and tips for internet romances to help make online dating a more rewarding experience. It is our sincere goal to give an overview of the online dating jungle, to test the sites and to provide reliable, neutral and objective information, so you can find the right site for you without wasting time and money or worse, falling prey to less legitimate sites. Not all online dating portals are reputable; some include fake profiles or entice to purchase premium membership by sending fake emails.

Test reports and analyses
We show which the dating sites are currently available.
We are a portal that tests sites and offers an overview of online dating reviews written by magazines and other sources
Our test reports and analyses provide detailed information on online dating sites. We inform among others things how user friendly the site is, how well they protect your data and privacy, which services are free and which require memberships that cost money, information on prices and a quick overview on pros and cons.

The flirt glossary, advice and tips
Roam through our countless articles on dating tips, safety tips, love, flirt or sex advice. Find out what a “mingle” is, how to detect fake profiles, what the perfect French kiss is all about or how intricate a female orgasm is.

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