How To Compress Images For Your Website

When it comes to uploading images on your website you should be careful while maintaining the quality of your image. The image should be justified in a way that it doesn’t lower the speed of loading a webpage, should be clear and not be blurred.

Most of the time the image you choose is hard to compress, it usually gets cropped in a wrong way which makes it look too small and blurred.

Tips to compress images on the website

  • Set the right and appropriate width and height of your image or simply just automate it.
  • Always save your images with better options of high quality. So when you upload them their quality remains intact.
  • Never choose big images for your website as it will be hard to adjust them according to mobile screens and other devices. Big images are very difficult to get compressed easily. This results in slow loading of your website and the poor quality of pictures.
  • Image formats are important, therefore, you should know which format of image would be easy for you to handle for your specific website.
  • When choosing the effect of how an image will get loaded, always choose a progressive one rather than linear. Progressive method makes the viewers believe that the image is loading quite fast.
  • Seek help from image compressors and tools that are available.

The best of them are-, Riot, Compressnow, PunnyPng, ImageAlpha, advPng and imageoptim.

  • Take help online

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