Constructo A Great Construction Theme For WordPress

Construction companies have an interesting problem when it comes to advertising. Most construction companies have no problem finding work most of the year, but every company seems to hit a slump. Although few companies are shy about advertising, there is the problem that they need to do something that puts them ahead of the game, but there are some issues. Most of these companies were started by people who know building, not marketing, and so that is just not part of the skillset. They also tend to have little money allotted for non-traditional advertising; they have found print and television ads work pretty well. Few have ventured onto the Internet.


This is why something like the Constructo for WordPress, a construction theme for WordPress, can be a major plus for those businesses. WordPress alone is easy to use, but this theme makes it easier; this makes it ideal for someone who has limited to no skill at design as the site practically designs itself. It is also easy to upload pictures. With an administration panel that can handle almost anything as well options for Woo Commerce,, it can handle almost any business-related need while providing a platform for advertising.

This makes Constructo an ideal construction theme for WordPress. The construction company gains a foothold on the Internet that can be used to draw in advertisers. The company can run a traditional blog, possibly providing construction tips for home owners or how to find the best company for a particular job. They can also upload pictures of current jobs, showing the process as it happens as well as when it is finished; this gallery can show what the company has accomplished. With a little creativity it can make a great advertising platform for any construction company looking to overcome its annual slump.