Cook Stove Installation

In this short post we will try to examine ideal position for a wood cook stove from the standpoint of convenience as opposed to venting considerations. In short: if you had a choice not limited by any considerations of cook stove installation where would you put?

First floor vs upper floors. As we all know heat rises. If you place your stove on a upper floor no floor below that one will benefit from the heat delivered by your stove. For this reason it’s a lot more practical to install your stove downstairs and even in the basement to provide much needed heat on cold winter night. While it will not heat upper storeys completely it will provide a very significant source of heat thereby cutting your gas or electricity bills.

Kitchen vs living room. You may think that a cook stove for sure belongs in the kitchen but don’t forget about the heat. Is your kitchen big enough? Will it unbearably hot to stay in the kitchen when the stove is fired? Does the kitchen have enough room to provide the stove with clearances from combustibles? For all these considerations a cook stove is often.

better to have in living or dining room. You can still use it for cooking while at the same time not overheating the immediate area around it. Don’t forget the stove has a live fire in the firebox, it’s a pleasure to sit around it with a whole family during dinner on a winter night. And some of the modern European cook stoves are designed to fit even the most exquisite home decor. We have tried to show that cook stove installation should not be guided solely by technical concerns. Sometimes it makes sense to through an extra elbow into the chimney in order to position the stove where you need it the most.

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