Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

One of the best holiday destinations, Dubai, is the most multicultural place on earth, and this happening, exciting and thrilling city is rapidly becoming the hub of nip and tuck. The number of people opting to get cosmetic surgery done in Dubai has tremendously increased over the last few years.

Gone are the days when people used to travel to USA, Brazil or UK to get cosmetic procedures done, these days they head to Dubai as many award winning and world famous cosmetic and plastic surgeons practice here. According to Dubai Health Authority (DHA) most of the revenue generated from medical tourism comes from cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. There are around 56 cosmetic and plastic surgeons for each million Emiratis, while the number is less than 20 per million people in USA.

The trend of having cosmetic procedures done is on the rise in locals as well, especially the younger generation. The very interesting fact is that it is not only women who are willing to get under the scalpel but a lot of men are opting for these procedures, the most common or rather exclusive for men procedure being hair transplant, but a lot of men are getting tummy tucks, nose reshaping and various other cosmetic procedures doe as well.


In this instant social media obsessed age, everyone wants to look and feel great. Getting a little work done can do wonders to a person’s appearance and self esteem. The only thing to remember is to go to someone experienced and well reputed. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the doctor performing any of the cosmetic procedures has right credentials and proper licensing.

The cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Dubai are regulated by DHA, and Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, that has more than 150 members. Dubai Healthcare Authority issues licenses to qualified doctors for practicing and to carry out the procedures and also monitors the clinics making sure that they are run in compliance with the highest professional standards.

There are a lot of clinics offering latest and cutting edge treatments. These reviving and rejuvenating procedures range from simple non surgical treatments like botox, lasers and hair removal to complex surgeries like full body sculpturing and liposuction. Hair transplants, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and nose reshaping are amongst the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in Dubai.

The service is not limited to beautifying and age defying procedures; there are some serious medical issues that are dealt by plastic and reconstructive surgeons, like gastric banding and ballooning for patients having morbid obesity, and reconstructive surgeries for burn or cancer patients. There are centres offering these treatments with very high success rates.

The decision to get cosmetic surgery in Dubai is definitely the right one. Whether you are thinking of having a bit of botox, a little liposuction or a full face lift, the best place to get it done is Dubai, the state of the art clinics and highly competent doctors make it an ideal option.