How to create professional and e-commerce websites with Website X5

A website is essential to grow your business because it allows you to present your company and activities all around the world, it allows people to contact you quickly, it allows you to show your values, products and services.


This is why you need to pay attention in creating a successful and professional website: it must be user-friendly (it has to help the user during its web surfing process and in  finding information that he needs), graphically attractive, coherent to business strategy and goals.

Website X5 allows you to create a professional and efficient website: no programming skills are needed. This software, created in several releases by Incomedia S.r.l., has been thought for people who don’t know anything about programming but want to create their very own customized website. Website X5 is the best

website builder to make your site!


Website X5 is the ideal solution because it allows you to create a website, a blog or a e-commerce shop online. Some of its strong points are: 1.500 templates, the possibility to add the desired number of pages, the opportunity to insert multimedia contents (videos or images) and Social Media buttons, the application of advanced functions as Feed RSS, multilingual websites and Reserved Areas.

Thanks to Website X5 it is possible to create a do-it-yourself professional and e-commerce website.


From a graphical point of view, the software allows to create a customized website: it is possible to choose among 6.000 royalty-free images, different widgets and several graphical elements.


In order to present a complete package, Incomedia S.r.l. has added a Webshosting service (free for 1 year) included with the Website X5 Evolution 11 software if you buy it.



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