Data Centres Create an Abundance Of New UK Jobs

We are undisputedly living in the Digital Age, with technology embedding itself as an integral part of modern society. From laptops and smartphones to cloud storage and payment methods, cutting edge electronic developments have made life easier and more efficient than ever before. Yet while the new technology may seem seamless, the reality is that there is a heavy reliance on data centres to store and release information across a range of industries. The increasing demand for these electronic information hubs has in turn created thousands of new jobs for Brits across the country.

Scottish residents have been promised hundreds of new jobs in the wake of an announcement from The Data Lab confirming a £11.3m investment in ‘big data’ centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The company plans to use the hubs as comprehensive online analysis centres, looking at trends in customer behaviour and production patterns. Information will then be used to help firms enhance productivity and customer relations.


The 345 new jobs are set to play a key role in Scotland’s thriving digital industry with Neil Logan, chairman of The Data Lab saying, “Data science is the fundamental skill which helps businesses unlock the value of the data they have. The jobs that we are looking at are highly skilled and highly paid.”


Prominent ICT solutions and services provider ITPS is another firm with big digital plans, recently announcing a £2 million investment in a new North East based data centre.  The new development will be the biggest data centre in the region and will create over 25 new jobs for local IT experts.  The venture is supported by the British government’s Regional Growth Fund which has provided the company with a £242,000 grant in conjunction with BE Group and UNW LLP.


Andrew Frost, BE Group project advisor said “We are delighted to be supporting ITPS in their expansion plans. This project is another great example of a business investing in its future and creating new highly skilled jobs here in the North East.”


Leading cloud and managed services provider Rackspace also contributed to the creation of 300 new UK jobs when it expanded its data centre capacity early last year. The company secured several leases from European firms which resulted in the rapid growth of its physical presence and employee numbers.


Nigel Beighton, vice-president of technology at Rackspace said, “We are more than doubling our capacity with two new datacentre sites in south-east England.”


Exciting new data centre developments will only continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital technology. With the increase comes the constant creation of new jobs, ensuring that UK citizens stay skilled and employed.

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