New Design of iOS 7

The new design of iOS 7 was unveiled during the World Wide Developers Conference on Monday taking the crowd of developers to the flight of surprises and appreciation. Tim Cook, CEO from Apple said, ‘since the introduction of iPhone, iOS 7 is the biggest change because number of new features and great user interface has added prominence in this operating system.’

‘We’ve always thought of design of being so much more than the way something works. I think there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity’, said Jony Ive, Hardware Designer from Apple said through the video projection during the event.

The design of the new iOS 7 is modern in compared to the earlier ones. It has cleaner and soft and lighter color. The icons of the app are redesigned completely and are flattered and uniformed. To create cohesive user experience, the new iOS has used Helvetica font. The pop ups that blocks content are translucent with this newest operating system. Along with this, the keyboard is also translucent in visual design.

‘We see iOS 7 as defining an important new direction’, said Craig Federighi, head of iOS software engineering. He added, ‘We ran out of felt and wood’. The iOS 7 has a complete overhaul with the scrapping of the lock screen bar. The iOS 7 has no more swiping sideways and has a full screen image with a ‘Slide Up to Unlock’ prompt.

The design is just look beautiful and is simpler, useful and enjoyable at the same time. The new design of iOS 7 has new structure and is universal across the entire system that adds clarity for the user experience. It has unobtrusive interface without unnecessary ornamentation, bars and buttons. iOS 7 has now more concentrated on the content rather than other flashy elements.

The new design of the iOS 7 has cleaner typography and palettes, more animations and layering cues contributing to depth, smooth and attractive tab management.

iOS 7 has focused more on utility and unnecessary features is no the part of this system because the system posses possible features in terms of technicality. The technology constraints have disappeared and the pixels are infinitely available and malleable. For e.g. Control Center because just a one swipe is enough for accessing the features needed within short moments.

The Home Screen of iOS 7 has taken better advantage of Retina display. With the new design of iOS 7, it has ensures dynamic interactions and cinematic animations. It has distinct and functional layers that help in creating and establishing disciplined order.

The music application has new design and is replaced by new interface. The user can tap on an artist and the lists of the songs are viewed from the library. The songs are listed from either the device and cloud storage.

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