Difference between virtual servers, managed servers, and unmanaged servers

If you own a large and complicated website that experiences a lot of traffic with a million of genuine visitors every day, then you must be facing difficulties with shared hosting as it has low capacity to serve a lot of your customers. Now is the time to move on to a dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means that instead of using a space on a server, you will rent a whole server for your website’s use, thus you will not get any difficulty in handling a lot of visitors at a moment. While, shared hosting means using a server for many websites at once.

There are basically three types of servers in terms of management and support. They are virtual servers, managed servers and unmanaged servers. The Virtual server is that in which webservers use to host more than one domain name on a single and same computer system. There are a lot of benefits of virtual servers such as it utilizes hardware properly, it is flexible in nature, it is easy to implement and it has enhanced security than other kind of servers. For those users who don’t have much technical knowledge of server functioning, managed server and hosting is the best option as the hosting service provider will be responsible for issues such as VPS server configuration, server security and its maintenance, upgradation etc. So, if you want to focus on your website/business instead of worrying about server problems, then this kind of server or hosting will be best suited for you.


Whereas on the other hand, in case of unmanaged VPS server, the end user will solely be responsible for all the issues generated. Thus, users should have a sound knowledge on the functioning of unmanaged servers technically. Users also have to keep everything up to date themselves in terms of service or future upgrades. While considering on buying a server for your online business, you must also know about CPanel and linux servers. CPanel is a system which controls the panels that helps you to host the data on the internet. Dedicated server is another name of it. With CPanel system, you can easily host the article or content on web easily without much effort. Moving further, Linux server is one of the latest offering of dedicated server organizations. At the end of the day, when it comes to choose the best server or hosting for your business, it is suggested to hire a web hosting company. There are companies like Webhost.pro that completely manages and monitors the functioning of servers for users so that they can completely rely on them without focusing on any worries. One can also enjoy free hardware upgrades with a good customer support if in case you have some issue. One can also earn money by starting his own Reseller hosting business. The points mentioned above are sufficient enough for most of the users for finding out the differences between virtual, managed and unmanaged servers.


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