Direct mail in a nutshell

Direct mail (also known as advertising mail) is often used in direct marketing and its main recipients are usually existing customers of the company. In order for direct mail to be successful, some basic conditions need to be met.  An important element in this form of advertising is the current database of company customers as well as certain issues related to the very act of direct mail delivery. These factors include: offer’s appeal, aesthetics and attractiveness of the materials delivered to the recipient by postal mail.

Direct mail is used primarily for selling specific products. It is often used also to stay in touch with the customer and keep them aware of new products introduced on the market by the advertiser.

The appeal of direct mail depends on many factors, starting from the envelope itself. It is the envelope that will determine whether or not the recipient chooses to read the materials addressed to them. Unfortunately, disregarding the envelope is a common mistake that leads to both envelope and its content landing in the trash unopened. A chic and intriguing envelope significantly increases the chance of the recipient looking inside of it and reading the materials.

When it comes to direct mail, advertising letter also plays a crucial role and its content must be carefully planned out. To a certain extent, this letter replaces the seller. Its personal nature, skillful use of colloquial language and aesthetics are the key to success. The letter may be long, although it is recommended it doesn’t exceed four pages. It is worth taking care of the letter’s legibility and proper choice of the font.

Apart from the letter, the envelope should contain a brochure with the product or service you are advertising, as well as an order form that the customer should fill out and send back to the company in case they are interested. To make the order more plausible to take place, a return envelope becomes an essential element in direct mail marketing.


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