How Dispatch Technology Helped Taxi Operations in UK

The UK taxi industry is considered one of the largest taxi industries in the world that generates 9 billion GBP with a growth rate of 0.7%. The UK taxi Service industry was established in the 19th century as Hackney Carriages, and in 1907 the taxi-meter was introduced to calculate the fares journeys. In 1960s the UK Government issued licences for Private Hire taxi businesses, which are known as minicabs today.

The Private Hire Taxi industry began in competition with Hackney Carriages in London. As more and more people across the UK invested in the use of taxis and it formed one of the largest industries in the UK.

In the 21st century, this industry adopted computers and software systems to manage huge numbers of daily booking and dispatch tasks. This dispatch technology proved to be a revolution in the UK Taxi industry as these software systems made it easy to handle large number of bookings and dispatch vehicles efficiently. This saved both time and money for both the company and the customer.

Initially there was very few suppliers of booking and dispatch software in the UK. They first introduced Taxi and minicabs booking software systems to the UK Taxi industry and attracted a large number of companies in short span of time from 2000 to 2009.

In 2009, a company from Huddersfield named Infocabs brought a revolution to Dispatch technology by developing the most advanced, easy to use and future proof taxi booking & dispatch system. This system had all the same features that the other suppliers were providing but Infocabs developed their system after years of research and working with experienced taxi businesses. They specifically designed their system keeping all the needs and pains of operators, drivers and managers at the forefront of their mind and providing smart solutions to them.

From the start, the focus of Infocabs has been to help Taxi companies by adding efficiency and reliability to their business. They provide advanced features which help cut extra costs associated with dead mileage and provide new streams of customers through web and app based booking. However the ease with which businesses can adopt and install the system and the ability of Infocabs to accommodate the needs of any business, large or small, are what set them apart from traditional dispatch companies.

Infocabs solution was not the same as ordinary taxi dispatch system that was already available in the market as Infocabs offered over 100 completely customisable features and business logics, which can easily be configured according to any taxi business scenario.

Following are some unique features that no other dispatch software supplier offers except Infocabs.

Driver Apps & PDA

During the research Infocabs found that most of taxi business owners wanted a solution that reduces their costs while expanding their fleet sizes. So, unlike other suppliers, Infocabs established an easy to use and Feature rich “Orbit In car software” allowing business owners to define all the policies for drivers. This software offered 3 of the most popular and easy to use navigation systems. Infocabs also removed the binding for taxi owners to buy their own branded Hardware and devices. Their solution is compatible with any android or Apple device and can be wirelessly updated.

Customised Mobile Booking

Infocabs offered powerful mobile booking apps that are fully customisable, so that business owner can provide an alternative way for their customers to book taxis on the go. These apps serve as personalized branded apps for the taxi business (using their own logo and company details) and are published on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Auto Dispatch Logic

This powerful feature proved to be a great help for booking operator. It allows operators to book jobs within seconds extremely reliably.  New features include booking a job for a future date/time and feed it into the system. The job is then dispatched automatically at the recorded time and location and is assigned to the nearest or longest waiting driver available (according to the logic set).

In Car Payment

Looking into the habits of customers, Infocabs was one of the first solution providers to also offer “In Car Payment Solution” so that passengers can pay using their debit/credit cards.

There are many other features that Infocabs offers which are available on their website

Most of the suppliers provide all basic features that a taxi business requires such as;

  • Mobile Apps
  • Driver PDA
  • In car hardware and devices
  • Roaming Sims
  • Online booking

Most of these suppliers are very expensive for both smaller and larger scale businesses, using a one-size-fit all pricing plan. Infocabs on the other hand caters specifically for the needs of the business, providing fully comprehensive features whilst remaining completely affordable.

Currently there are more than 18 000 taxi businesses operating in the region, employing over three hundred thousand workers (from operators, customer support officers and drivers). The majority of these businesses use dispatch software systems to allow customers a reliable, time- efficient way of booking taxis.