Do not attempt climbing mount Triglav in bad weather!

Hiking and climbing can be extremely relaxing when doing it in suitable conditions. It is not enough to just buy the equipment and book a date, physical condition of each individual is also very important. But even when you have the experience, trips such as climbing Triglav mountain can still strongly depend on the weather on that specific day or weekend. As any other activity at high altitude, Climbing mount Triglav can become very dangerous if the weather forecast is bad. Thunderstorms are a frequent phenomenon in the Alps, and that is why a spare date for the hike might also come in handy.

Do you really want to be climbing Triglav mountain in bad weather? Better think twice!

Dynamic and intense outdoor leisure activities strongly depend on the weather and if you are deciding to take on climbing mount Triglav, precise preparation will be needed to avoid bad weather, including that little bit of luck that would make climbing mount Triglav a perfect experience during your exploration of the Slovenian Alps. On most of the routes, there are several alpine cottages available where you can seek shelter in case of bad weather. Special care when climbing mount Triglav needs to be paid to the single-day expeditions which start from the northern side of the mountain and can be particularly dangerous when the nature decides to change its mind. In modern day and age, it is very difficult to be spontaneous and just to hiking due to everyday activities and obligations which means that planning an activity such as climbing mount Triglav will still strongly depend on day-to-day weather circumstances. If you happen to notice a bad weather forecast for the date when you planned climbing mount Triglav, be sure to check the weather regularly in order to avoid bad experience. It is better to cancel and reschedule the event than to stay trapped in the middle of the Alps!

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