Downloading Videos from YouTube

The first thing you must realise is that YouTube is massive. It has over one billion unique monthly users who watch over six billion hours of footage; that means that nine million hours of video are seen worldwide every single hour. While browsing YouTube you can find infinite amounts of free music videos, documentaries, TV shows, talk shows, tutorials, comedy sketches and much, much more. The best part of this is that it’s all available at the tip of your fingers providing you have a computer and an internet connection.

However, internet connections can sometimes be slow or faulty and really mess up your viewing experience. Pauses, lags and error screens are not at all uncommon sights on YouTube and nobody likes watching videos piece by piece, whether it’s for fun or work. Whether you’ve decided to do some research on a certain topic on YouTube or just relax by watching something funny or entertaining, a fifteen minute video can easily turn into forty minutes of frustrating buffering thus making it hard to enjoy your chosen video.

By downloading the video from YouTube and storing it in your hard drive you make sure that the video is safe and ready for viewing any time you need it. There are more benefits to downloading YouTube videos too:

  • Repeatedly downloading the video on YouTube every time you have to consult it can become time consuming.
  • Not to mention the dreadful moment when you are nearing a deadline and your connection breaks showing no signs of ever coming back!
  • Sometimes the video owner will remove their videos and never put them back. Finding them again can then become a difficult task.

As we said, YouTube is huge, and nobody can download all of it on a single computer, but the importance of saving certain files is fairly obvious and it’s crucial to download those videos properly in a form that can later be readable by your computer and not become corrupted. By following this simple tutorial online, you can easily download any video from YouTube you might need and store it directly on your hard drive to have it ready to be watched whenever you need it.

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