Are E-Cigs Becoming the Latest Must Have Fashion Accessory for Smokers?

E-cigarettes have seen an explosion in sales over the last few years. They used be clunky looking devices but now they come in many shapes and sizes some of which look really sleek and elegant. It hasn’t taken long for many celebrities to get in on the act. Katherine Heigl was seen smoking one on the Letterman show and other famous actors and actresses including Leo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Robert Pattinson, have all been glimpsed smoking them.

According to TBEC Review, experts in e-cigarettes, some of the best e-cigarette brands include V2, Vaporfi, Epuffer and NEO E Cigs. The rise of these brands has pushed e-cigs to being a billion dollar industry and it looks like it is set to continue to grow over the next many years. Some are even predicting that e-cig sales will outgrow their normal tar filled counterparts.

Some e-cig firms like V2 now even have their own women’s ranges. V2 have a brand called Vapor Couture which specialise in women’s ecigs that look very stylish and sophisticated. They also include accessories like clutch bags, necklaces and portable charging cases with a feminine touch. Vaping Vamps are another brand focused solely to making e-cigs for women.

With e-cigarettes being touted as a much healthier option than normal cigarettes, we think it is only a matter of time until most smokers switch across. Now that e-cigarettes have become much more advanced and look much sleeker than they used to they can also better replicate normal cigarettes so there isn’t many reasons for normal smokers to not switch. E-cigs are also much cheaper and can sometimes be smoked indoors due the vapour they produce instead of the toxic second hand smoke from normal cigarettes.


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