Eco Parenting Has Lived On After The Recession, And Buying Nearly New Is Trendy

Everyone likes the odd spurt of cookie making and patchwork quilting. And for new mums, practically unused, fun second hand toys and games are an essential addition to their children’s collection.

When I was young, going to a second hand shop was dark and gloomy and full of old tat and shame. They were a place where I hid my face as my nana trudged me in, seriously hoping that none of my mates would catch me there. I did though, once safely inside, simply adore digging around for second hand treasures, or looking at cute flowery dresses among the clothing rails – just as long as it stayed on the quiet and no one found out where the dresses came from.


These days I’m glad to say, it’s not the same at all. It is utterly different. Nearly new shopping is now cool, pleasant and diverting – with things like vintage fairs and auction websites, secondhand shopping has never been so popular. These days, people are glad to boast “it’s a Period Classic”, or “I unearthed it in this Darling little retroactive store for a real bargain – I only shelled out a few dollars!” And, it’s the savvy mummies that are jumping on the band wagon to sell their stuff. The second hand baby goods market has grown exponentially, and I’m not that astonished. The thrill of getting high quality baby toys for a fraction of the full ticket is a no brainer for most mums and dads.

Julianne, a mother of two boys shares: “I frequently take the bus along to my local nearly new baby sale, as I can get some really great second hand baby stuff and bits for both my tots and it is priced lots less than it would new. I swear I never miss the nearly new sale in the hall up the street from the kids school”.

There is so much info out there, ranging from quirky aunties, to parenting magazines offering tips whilst overwhelming expectant mums with ads for products they have no need of. At a regular local nearly new family sale, existing parents can offer their experience to new mums, and as time goes by they will be the ones to sell baby stuff themselves.

It’s comforting to have the excuse to attend a hall full of others who have already been in your shoes. It’s wonderful to see newborn baby gear sold by parents. So next time you’re out for the day with time to kill, do poke your head into a baby nearly new sale. Be prepared though – the more you keep coming, the more enjoyable these sales tend to become!

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