Ecommerce Shipping Over Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Five Things You Need to Know

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping rushes might be over, but the facts about them still remain fresh in our minds. This year was the biggest shopping year ever in the history of retail, topping over $200 billion in just a few weeks from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. In the remnants of it all, we take a fond look back at five ecommerce shipping facts that all e-retailers really ought to know.

Shoppers Want Free Shipping

Your shoppers want free shipping. Above anything else, this is the most preferential shipping method. In fact, recent studies have found that over 70% of shoppers want the shipping to be free or they won’t shop at an online store. Offering free shipping is not as impossible as you might think it is.

Check out this related ecommerce shipping blog (, which offers a ton of helpful tips. It has as special section that shows you the different ways that you can offer free shipping without digging into your bottom line or profits.


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One-Third of All Products Are Returned

You might be thinking that this is insane. How can one-third of all products ordered online be returned by consumers? Since 2012, and every year that has followed, this has been the status quo. Interestingly enough, in 65% of all returns, the ecommerce store is at fault, not the merchant. Just some food for thought.

USPS to Deliver Through Xmas Day

When it comes to ecommerce shipping, no carrier can match the grit of the USPS. They offer shipping through Xmas day, something that UPS and FedEx can’t offer. They also offer the latest holiday ship by dates, with guaranteed delivery by Xmas day.

You can check out the 2014 holiday ship-by dates by having a look at this helpful infographic and calendar:

Average Shopper to Spend $800

It may be hard to believe, but the average shopper is pegged to spend at least $800 this year on holiday gifts. They will make a large portion of their purchase at retail stores, but will also venture online to make their other purchase.

Key metrics include: price, brand, options and warranty. Something that will be compared between local and online stores between most shoppers, typically from their smartphones.

44% Purchases Will Be Made Online

Over 44% of all purchases will be made online this year. This is an increase of about 4% from 2013. All told, the Cyber Monday holiday will generate about 44% of all Xmas related sales, making it the most successful Cyber Monday since the holiday first debuted in the early 90s.

Who knew?