Education through Technology

Technology & the internet are powerful tools. They have changed the world around us and now they are changing the way students in India, the world 2nd most populous country with 1.2Bn people, are going to study.

As I mentioned earlier, India has 1.2 Bn people. That’s more people than the entirety of North America. Yet, top tier education institutes in India remain scarce. There are only a select few top tier colleges comparable to the ones present in the western world.

These colleges are have put up massive barriers of entry to filter out the millions of people who apply. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have lower selection ratios than Harvard and Stanford.

To prepare students for the entrance exams held by these colleges, an entire industry has popped up in India. This industry remains particularly unique to India. I’m talking about the coaching institute industry, valued at around 24Bn USD by an Indian industry body.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of coaching institutes in India preparing students for all sorts of exams- IIT JEE, AIPMT, CAT, Bank PO, UPSC, GMAT, GRE, etc. However, due to the high number of coaching institutes, students are often hit with a paralysis of choice. Too many options to select the best coaching institute.

Coaching Adda

To address this issue, a venture has started in India called Coaching Adda by 2 young entrepreneurs. Coaching Adda, an education tool, helps students find the coaching institutes & tutors by breaking down the wall of information asymmetry.

Coaching Adda helps students by acting as an aggregator for all coaching institutes & tutors in India. Over 10000 coaching institutes across 35 cities have joined Coaching Adda. Essential details like courses, fees, facilities, ratings, reviews, schedules & faculty are displayed on the site.

Coaching Adda has organized the coaching institutes into 15 essential categories

  1. Engineering
  2. Medical
  3. MBA
  4. Bank PO & Clerk
  5. UPSC
  6. SSC
  7. School Tuitions
  8. GMAT
  9. GRE
  10. English
  11. Law
  12. Government Jobs
  13. College Coaching
  14. CA & CS
  15. IT Courses

It also displays essential faciltiies like

  1. Pick Up & Drop Off
  2. AC Classrooms
  3. Mock Tests
  4. Correspondence Classes
  5. Scholarship
  6. Online Material
  7. D Faculty
  8. IIT Faculty
  9. Entrance Exam
  10. Direct Entrance

Based on these details, students are able to choose the perfect coaching institute that matches all their requirement- distance, schedules, quality of faculty and fees. Coaching Adda has integrated with Google Places for reviews to display ratings & reviews on thousands of coaching institutes.

Along with helping students find the best coaching institutes and tutors, Coaching Adda also helps students via its blog and forum. Entrance exam news & guides by experts help students prepare for their exams.

An Education Marketplace

Coaching Adda has also recently launched an Indian education marketplace where coaching institutes (physical and online) can sign up and sell their material- correspondence courses, online material and test series. Students in far flung places now have access to purchase the best quality study material to prepare for exams and make it to their dream colleges.


India is a young country with immense human potential. New startups like Coaching Adda are changing the very face of education India, by providing students with additional tools to be at their very best when they attempt their entrance exams.

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