Educational Toys

One of the most important things in life is literacy. In fact, one of the most important things your children will learn to do during their lives is learn to read. Learning to read well at an early age is truly the key for a bright future. Studies show that children who learn to read at an early age are more likely to become successful students throughout their educational careers.

How can you, as a parent, help your children learn to read at an early age? One way is to start reading to your children as early as possible. Another way is to give them learning tools that aid their development and understanding of language. One of these vital tools is educational toys. carry many great educational toys.


In example would be LeapFrog. They have really established a collection of learning toys and tools that help children at any age learn to speak, read and learn. LeapFrog engages all of the child’s senses to capture their attention and get them interested in the words. LeapFrog even has toys that is a type of pen device that children touch on the pages of a book. When this Tag reader touches the pages, it recites the words on the page, helping children learn the sound of the word while correlating that word to its written form.

This Reading System from LeapFrog works with special Tag reader-enabled book. The Tag reader has a tiny camera on the tip that looks at the images of the words and recites them back to the child. The best part? The amazing technology behind the this, the Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog allows it to adjust to a child’s level, allowing the child to easily understand what is being read back to them. You won’t have to worry about frustrating your child with Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog!

The Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog is interactive for you as a parent as well. You can connect the Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog to your computer and track your child’s progress through the books and reward their growth by developing a learning path made specifically for them!

Make your child’s literacy a priority this year. Give them a Leap Frog product for a gift, find this on You’ll be amazed how quickly they learn to read after using the Pink Tag™ Reading System from LeapFrog for only a short period of time!

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