Electronic Cigarettes Becoming the Latest Must Have Gadgets for Smokers

E-Cigarettes or e-cigs, as they are sometimes referred to, have seen massive sales growth over the past few years. E-cig sales are set to exceed $2.7 billion this year and some are claiming they will replace normal cigarettes altogether. You can’t go far these days, without seeing someone carrying an ecig. Brick and mortar shops selling e-cigarettes have sprung up all over the US and are now being seen across the EU as well. Electronic cigarettes have also become much more advanced and technological since their introduction many years ago. There are now blutooth e-cigarettes that can connect to your phone that track your “vaping” habits. One blutooth device by Supersmoker.nl even allows you to listen to music and answer the telephone, through your electronic cigarette.

We look at the hype surrounding e-cigarettes and see whether ecigs are the real deal or not. We speak to Alex and Chris from TBEC Review, a website dedicated to e-cigarette reviews trying to help beginners find the best electronic cigarette brands.

Alex: “With so many brands on the market it is difficult for people new to “vaping”, as we call it, to find the right e-cigarette, which is going to replicate their normal smoking experience. Many look to ecigs as a means of quitting smoking, however the big pharma firms and big tobacco firms are trying to convince people that ecigs cannot fulfil this duty. I myself have managed to quit normal smoking through ecigs and know many more from the vaping community who have done so as well. I think the big issue is that people don’t know which type of ecig to go for or which brand and end up using a cheap brand that doesn’t replicate the smoking experience they are used too. That’s why we try and provide people with an overview of all the best brands and the different types of ecig out there to make sure everyone can find the right device to match their previous smoking experience. If you choose the right e-cigarette, it will no doubt live up to the real thing albeit without many of the horrible carcinogenic substances!”

So there you have it, e-cigarettes look like they are here to stay and it will be interesting to see how they develop over the next few years. For any smoker who likes tech, Ecigs are a must! Head over to TBEC Review to take a look at some of the best e-cigs on the market.

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