Electronic E-Cigarettes, an Alternative to Smoking?

E-Cigarettes, or e-cigs, have become wildly popular lately. With most states across the country cracking down on cigarette and tobacco smokers and research continuing to show how unhealthy smoking can be for you and people are starting to turn to the newer, safer, e-cigs. There are many advantages to e-cigs, ranging from health reasons to the simple reason of smell. They come in all shapes and sizes and have an endless array of flavors. There is most likely an e-cig for everyone.

E-cigs aren’t like traditional cigarettes. They don’t actually burn anything so there isn’t “real” smoke. Technically they are just a vaporizer. Instead of burning vapor and tobacco they heat up e-juice or e-liquid. E-juice utilizes two different types of glycerin to create the smoking feel and the cloud of vapor that you see. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (the two bases for e-liquid) have been utilized in many things and are approved for human ingestion. They show no signs or traces of carcinogens like cigarettes do. These bases allow any flavors and options to be added to the e-juice for vaporizing and instead of producing the nasty smell cigarettes do, they smell like whatever the flavor is!

There are many different options for e-cig users and potential users. The first type of e-cig is a disposable cigarette-looking device. After that, they become more customizable and advanced. Some of your experienced e-cig smokers use what is called a mech (mechanical) mode to smoke their e-juice. These people are typically called drippers. This refers to the method by which they use their e-juice. A dripper has to actually build his own coil and wick for his mod and then physically drip the fluid onto the coil to begin vaporizing. This is usually referred to as a re-buildable tank. The other type of tank has a prebuilt, disposable coil that makes it easier to use. It doesn’t give the customization that a re-buildable does, but it does allow for a tank to hold more e-juice in it for continuous use before having to refill the e-juice. There are also mech mods, digital mods, and e-go style battery apparatus to power the tanks that the e-juice goes into. The options are endless and completely customizable.

Other advantages of the e-cig are the fact that it vaporizes and the things that can be put into it. Medicine has been made into vapor for administration for some time now and with the e-cig there can be new routes for over-the-counter or any type of medicine. There are already caffeine and melatonin infused e-cigs but what else is in store? Herbal vaporizers and marijuana vaporizers already exist as well. THC has been infused into e-juice for some time and some people are even learning to do it from home with help from the internet. Most vapor shops make their own e-juices and, wherever there is legal marijuana, there will be THC infused e-juices.

Many people across the globe have turned to smoking e-cigs as people are searching for better ways to promote a healthy living. Just like people have started searching for the best natural solutions for their food by starting their own traditional garden or hydroponic grow systems, they have kicked the habit of smoking tobacco products all together and switched to vape pen. The benefits are there. The possibilities are endless. So, start vaping today for a better forever.