Elusive Visions Lightroom Presets

At Elusive Visions Photography we have developed a new way of processing digital images to make them look like film. Ideal for wedding photography our Lightroom Presets provide the closest possible look and feel of medium format film while drastically improving the workflow With simplified layout of only the essential adjustments for ultimate control and customization of color tones and overall aesthetics.

In the digital era the hard job starts after you are finished taking the pictures and selecting the images you are going to edit for final delivery to clients. although its hard to ignore the convenience, effectiveness and reliability of digital cameras many photographers still hold on to that look and feel of film images which is very hard to achieve this days.

The best part about Lightroom presets is with one click you can effectively modify the image to about 75% and with a few more adjustments you are done, instead of tweaking every single adjustment one by one and wasting valuable time.

Elusive Visions Lightroom Presets includes 10 different base themes so you can easily find and use the appropriate preset based on the light conditions and the look of your choosing. for sample look below.