Embracing Technology

In our daily lives technology hold a very crucial and important role, and it would have been nearly impossible for us to actually spend a day without making use of one or more device or software that is linked to technology. A couple of decades ago, if you were planning for a holiday, you had to plan well in advance and go to a land based travel agency who would have given you a limited amount of choices regarding destinations, airline tickets, hotels, while some of the services that can now easily be found such as vacation packages and car rentals were non-existent. Not to mention that to arrange all these services for you, it could have taken ages.

In the travel sector one website company that has brought technology and its benefits closer to everyone is known as Expedia. Initially launched in 1995 by Microsoft, Expedia has quickly set itself as a leading internet-based travel website company that offers its services practically in every country and it has localised sites in over 30 countries. Taking advantage of the internet, Expedia has been able to provide an easy and quick service to its user when it comes to airline ticketing, reservation of hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages and many other services.

The technology platform of Expedia consist of various global world known distribution systems such as Amadeus, the Sabre reservation system, Worldspan, and Pegasus.  Now Expedia has over 12 website addresses for various countries which provide various travel services. Another web company that has taken a huge lead in technology is known as Hotels.com with over 85 websites in 34 languages, and providing customer with over 19,000 locations to spend their holiday in more than 300,000 hotels. Both these travel websites have wisely used technologies such as mobile apps to increase their turnover.

In the Gambling Sector, most gaming companies have been constantly innovating as technological advancement reaches new heights. These gaming companies are constantly bringing major alterations to the way they bring their services to their customers so as to stay ahead on the technology curve. Bingoextra.com is one of the very few online bingo sites to have embraced technology wisely by providing its games such as bingo, slots, and table and card games on a new HTML multi device bingo platform. On this platform, its players can access and play the games found at Bingo Extra through multiple devices such as PC, laptops, tablets and even smartphones regardless of the variation of their screen size, as this technology provides a unique interface that can adapt to all devices with great fluidity.

The Banking and payment sector has also evolved along with technologies such as ApplePay and Uber App payment. ApplePay is one such service which allows users of iPhone 6 smartphones to perform contactless payments. This has made other big players in mobile payments to pick their brains so as to figure out how to take advantage of that. In-Store payment is still a barrier and solutions are being looked into so that the service benefits the merchants, consumers, payment networks and also the bank. Next in line is the Apple Watch which is due in late 2015 and will be a new leap in technology where we will be discovering a wearable mode of payments.

With such great advancements whereby technology has been embraced quite swiftly, we are eager to know what the future years will bring!