Etiquette to Be Observed During an Interview

There are key things individuals should observe when going for an interview. This is because with all the time taken when applying in all the major companies, individuals should ensure that they do not blunder after they have been called for an interview, as this happens to be a onetime chance for them to land the job in that particular interview. Some basic things like what to do and not to do during an interview should be covered by the individual to enable them ace the interview.

Not Researching About the Company

An individual going for an interview should ensure that they do a background search on the company. This is to ensure that they do not enter the interview room blindly, not knowing a single thing about the company. Individuals should be aware of things such as:
• When the company was founded
• The Managing Director or CEO
• Vision
• Goals
• Objectives
• Major achievements among others
Not knowing the above mentioned things is surely a recipe for disaster as the individual goes on to pass as a person who is not serious and one who is also not interested in looking for a job.

Inappropriate Dressing

If an individual is not sure whether the attire he/she are planning to wear is appropriate for the interview, they should seek a second opinion from another person. This is because overdressing gives off an impression that the individual is trying too hard to look presentable. For men, a good suit, preferably in darker colors is better as opposed to those that have got screaming colors. Accessories such:
• Bangles
• Big rings
• Chains
• Studs among others should not be worn to an interview.

A printable watch and a designer perfume are investments the individual should consider having in their closets because a good impression will last and it will be noted. With ladies, wearing distracting clothing such as:
• Short skirts or dresses
• Plunging necklaces
• Sleeveless among others should not be worn on the interview day.

Ladies should consider wearing neat attire characterized by cool colors, limited jewelry as this will definitely be noted, and marks will be given to the lady who gives off a good impression.

Poor Communication Skills

Good communication skills should be observed when an individual is interviewing for a job. Confidence is the key thing most employers look for when they are hiring because they would not want to be represented by a timid person. When the individual interviewing for the job gets to connect positively with the persons hiring, then they are rest assured that they stand a chance in landing a job there. The individual should employ communication skills such as:
• Greeting panelists
• Exuding confidence
• Shaking hands
• Making eye contact
• Engaging in a discussion

These skills are the ones that are mostly sort after by the people hiring because they actually say a lot about the individual being interviewed before they even answer their first interview question.

Negatively Talking About Former Employers

Individuals who badmouth their former employers do not stand a chance of landing jobs because the person hiring will definitely get the impression that when they hire the individual, they will also badmouth them in case they lose their jobs.


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