Do You Have An Evac Chair?

Large offices and apartment block buildings should seriously consider having at least one evac chair per floor in the event of an emergency. These chairs are not only a courtesy to your visitors, but they are a device that can save countless lives, especially when a lift is not in operation or is disabled due to a fire or some other issue. If you needed to evacuate a disabled person from a building quickly, and you had no means to do it, it would be a heavy burden to live with knowing that you could have saved a person with a simple piece of equipment.

The evac chair is not overly expensive, it is completely convenient, and it can save a life when an emergency situation occurs. The concept is completely simple. The seat features a tall back and secures a person into a safe chair complete with a five point harness. The seat has a few different designs, but the most common ones feature either two wheels in the back and two solid horizontal bars in the front or four wheels. The seat can be tipped back and wheeled down stairs as it is moved out of a building.

The unique design of an evac chair helps to keep the evacuee completely secure and comfortable while remaining ergonomically safe for the person who is manoeuvring it. The back upper seat area and arm rests are heavily padded to provide comfort for the seated person, and the seat remains completely stable while it is being loaded. A head rest also provides stability for the head, and there is a headband to hold the head in place. The legs are held in place with leg straps, and there are comfortable hand grips for the chair occupant.

The evac chair is designed to be operated by a single person without assistance from anyone else, as this is usually the case when emergencies occur. The evac chair was fully designed and manufactured in the UK. When the chair is not being used, it can be stored out of the way using a wall mounting bracket that is included with the chair. An optional storage cover can also be purchased to cover the chair when it is not being used.

The chair has a capacity of around 150 kg and can be moved over stairs with an angle of between 28 and 42 degrees. The weight of the chair is 13.5 kg. Large front wheels on the chair allow it to glide smoothly over carpet. The chair is 141 cm high x 50 cm wide and 22 cm deep. A large handle bar for pushing the chair makes it perfect for moving the chair from the back. The chair can be easily moved down several flights of stairs, and it is not difficult to keep control of the chair so that the occupant safe. This makes for a safe evacuation of individuals who are unable to evacuate themselves from emergency situations. If you have not yet considered purchasing an evac chair for your building, now is the right time to invest in one.


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