What to Expect During Your Book Car Practical Test

If you’re reading to book a car practical test, you may feel nervous about being on the road with an instructor. He or she will determine if you pass the test and if you can stop driving around with that large L sticker on your plate, so it’s no wonder many students are nervous!

Knowing what to expect before you book a car practical test can put your mind at east and can ensure you do everything needed to prepare. Remember that the test is not meant to make you nervous but just to check the knowledge and experience you have behind the wheel. Consider the following on what this test includes.


  1. Your eyes are checked.


If you wear glasses, this is not the time to be vain! You will take a vision test as part of your practical test, to ensure you can focus clearly on the road.


  1. You’re asked safety questions.


You will be asked 5 questions about the safety of vehicles before you’re allowed on the road. These include 3 “show me” questions and 2 “tell me” questions about the safe operation of a vehicle.


  1. You’re tested on your driving ability.


This will include handling the controls of a vehicle, anticipating the actions of other drivers when on the road and reacting properly, using good judgment for speed and distance, showing consideration for others on the road, and using correct procedures when on the road.


Your driving ability will also need to demonstrate that you can drive not just straight but can also overtake or cross the paths of other vehicles, can turn both right and left, and stop the vehicle quickly as if you’re in an emergency. You will also need to drive in reverse and enter limited openings to both sides of you. You’ll also demonstrate your parking ability and will need to show a complete turnaround of the vehicle as well.


  1. You’re tested on independent driving.


For a good ten minutes you won’t be given instructions on how to drive and your instructor will note how you respond to traffic signs, direction he or she will give you before you start off driving, and how you interact with other drivers without their instructions.


The test is relatively easy for anyone that has done their homework and that has practiced driving on their own. Remember this when you’re ready to book a car practical test so you ace it with ease!

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