What To Expect From the Farm Simulator 2015 Modding Scene

Every year I get asked exactly the same question ‘what game we expect from the modding scene in…well, whatever game has modding capabilities’. The problem is that the modding scene is incredibly hard to predict. I mean; take a look at any game with modding capabilities out there and I can bet you that you will stumble across multiple mods that you would not have been able to think of in your wildest dreams (take a look at Skyrim mods, some pretty crazy ones right there!). The game which seems to be incredibly popular for this question right now is the new game; Farming Simulator 2015.

If you have been keeping up to date with the progress of this game then you will know that the ‘base game’ is one of the most content-filled entrant in the series. After all; the developers had a year extra to develop the game after putting resources into the mobile version over the past year (which got very few updates). This means that right off the bat you can expect over one hundred different tools and vehicles to play around with. This means that the modding scene is going to be tough to predict. Most of what the modding scene were working on in the past can now be found in the ‘base game’. Of course; modders are innovative people and the new tools available means that they are going to get more innovative with the new game; Farming Simulator 2015.

I expect that modders will add new vehicles and the like to the game. I am not talking about tractors and the like. That would be boring (sorry for those who are into the whole farming scene. I do not wish to ‘diss’ your position). I am talking along the lines of normal vehicles, I even saw a couple of ‘monster truck’ add-ons for Farming Simulator 2013 (you just try and farm with those. It would be…carnage). You can also expect a couple of extra tools to be added. It is likely that many of the tools that are created for this game will hark back to those times gone by (i.e. tools that would have been used for farming in the early 1900s. They really help to add a whole new dynamic to the game)


On top of this you can expect tons of new scenarios for you to farm in. This includes not only new environments but also new ways on which you can farm. One of my favorite mods for Farming Simulator 2013 was the ability to grow your own forest and chop down trees. Hours of my life wasted on that alone.

The only thing that I can really predict about the modding scene for Farming Simulator is the fact that the best farming simulator 2015 mods will be found on over at www.ls2015mod.com. This site is shaping up to be something quite fantastic and by all accounts a number of top modders have already made accounts there.


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