Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Conversion Rates Instantly

In terms of internet marketing, there are tons of standard tools utilized to boost conversion rates. Effective marketers know how essential a beautiful site is to give individuals a good impression of your blog or business. They also know how crucial headline writing and excellent copy are for spreading the word about their business and deliver compelling messaging. Aside from that, they also know how vital the testimonials are to boost credibility. Once combined and implemented properly, these work together to sell more services and products and increase conversion rates.

However, there is another marketing tool that can be used by marketers when offering products and services. This marketing tool is known as animated explainer videos, which are becoming popular at present because of its effectiveness in boosting conversion rates.

Introducing Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are basically short videos that tell a story of the company. They can be hand drawn, digital drawings or claymation, yet regardless of what’s used on explainer videos, they give businesses with a way to effectively convey and clearly their value proposition.

Many companies have already tried incorporating explainer videos on their marketing strategies and they get nothing but positive results. Majority of them have increased their conversion rates successfully, which also allow them to raise their exposure in the industry, not just locally, but also globally.

Explainer Videos and Why They Are Very Effective

In a study in year 2012, the average attention span is eight seconds. Apparently, as the technology continued to advance, it affects everyone so much that almost all have a shorter span than a goldfish, which has a nine-second attention span. Therefore, for marketers, it only means that they only have several seconds to get the attention of their potential clients. Other than speeding up the loading time of your website, you also need web content, which engages people quickly. For this reason, an explainer video is very beneficial.

Explainers aren’t only great at capturing the attention of customers, but also these enable your clients to understand or learn more regarding your brand while keeping their attention. With a proper script, you will be able to keep the attention every eight seconds. Typical animated videos are watched for about 2.7 minutes.

Other Benefits of Explainer Videos

  • Verbal and Visual Learning

In a recent study, it showed that some were bimodal or no preferences while others were verbal and visual learners.  What makes an explainer video a good addition to your marketing is that it offers visual and verbal cues for learning, which appeals to all 3 groups. It is also said that people only retain 50 percent of information through using verbal and visual learning cues.

  • Clear Presentation

One of the best benefits of explainer videos is that they clearly convey the value proposition of your business. Persuasive copy is great, yet the combination of graphics, text, and speech is much powerful in communicating more clearly.

If you want to increase the conversion rates of your business, explainer videos will never fail you.