Facing Forward: The Benefits of Front-End Development

Though you may not consider it, a great deal goes into a website.  Lets forget for a moment the content or purpose of the website.  Instead, lets look at the architecture and the user-interface that makes websites intuitive to both use and navigate.  Known as front-end development, a web developer will use any number of different coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring the front-end of a website to life.  From page-load optimisation, to entire page interface experiences, there is a great difference between a front-end developer and your average freelance web developer.  Lets take a quick look at how having a specialist instead of a more generic web developer will help your business.

Specialization is Key


When it comes to front-end development, there are many things that set it apart from basic, full website freelance web development.  In particular, any specialist front-end developer that you hire will have a range of skills particularly targeting the user experience.  This includes knowledge of things we take for granted when navigating a website, like drop down menus, buttons, sliders, contact forms, and even fonts.  As a result, any person specializing in front-end development will have an understanding of the computing language that makes this possible, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  On top of this, they will have knowledge regarding Photoshop, jQuery, testing, and user experience.


What a Front-End Developer will Bring to the Table


A front-end developer will have a number of skills that will help you and your website.  These include understanding key client-side web development concepts, creating websites that are visually appealing, being able to use and manipulate a number of different software and media-types to get the job done, programming experience, an impressive portfolio, experience in cross-browser testing, cross-platform compatibility, and ability to find inconsistencies and fix them, and enough actual experience to figure out problems before they occur.


What it All Comes Down To


When it comes to hiring a specialist over a more generic web developer, the first thing that many people think about is cost.  True, a person specializing in front-end development may cost more then a person specializing in general, freelance web development.  However, what you gain with a specialist is the skill set and experience needed to produce a truly remarkable, stable website.  With an understanding of aesthetics and practicality, a front-end developer combines form and function to create a website that is not only navigable, but is also a positive experience.


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