The fastest Disk Cleaner now detects iTunes and iOS leftovers

A Mac is one of the most reliable computer, and a lot of people say it is one of the best looking too J  Like any computer, it is storing content and data on the hard disk. Which has limited space. Especially if you are using a SSD – Solid State Drive – the size of the disk is even more limited than on a conventional hard disk.

Now this is nothing to worry about at first glance, but there are a lot of leftovers that pile up over time. Browser previews and browser caches, app caches, trash can, old backups that are not used anymore to name a few. These unwanted leftovers do not only eat away storage space, they slow down the hard disk too.

Of course, emptying the trash is freeing some considerable space immediately. But what’s with all the other clutters and leftovers? It’s a time consuming job to find them all.

A relevant search through the Mac App Store brings up several disk cleaner apps. These apps do exactly what is outlined above: finding and deleting unneeded leftovers. Some do it in a search and destroy manner, others prompt the user with results and allow to check if a file shall be deleted or not. The prices are varying heavily, some Disk Cleaner apps are even available for as free downloads outside the App Store while others range up to USD 39.-

One app claims to be faster than all others that are available in the Mac Store. It is called Disk Cleaner! and costs USD 2.99 or similar amount in foreign currencies.

The Interface looks a bit less designed than comparable apps, but it does the job in less than a minute, where some apps need more than 5 Minutes.

Power App, the guys who programmed the Disk Cleaner!, have just released an update and still claim to be the fastest app of its kind that is available in the App Store. Even if they added new features such as finding leftovers from iTunes and iOS. It even checks for old updates of your iPhone. Disk Cleaner does not just delete what it finds, you have to confirm or deny if the findings will be deleted.

If you want to know more or even purchase Power Apps Disk Cleaner, follow one of the links below:!/id880547912?l=de&mt=12&ign-mpt=uo%3D4