New features in aka Hotmail

The Outlook team recently introduced several changes to their web in order to deliver an enhanced calendar and email experience to the users. The new outlook can easily be accessed from home and office through a large number of devices. Here is a brief outline about the new features that were introduced to in 2016.


Outlook now offers a premium experience, which is powered up by Office 365. In fact, the new outlook has been developed based on Office 365 infrastructure. You are sharing a lot of personal and sensitive information through your mails and it is extremely important to ensure security. The new Outlook can guarantee your security and you will not have to worry about anything. The other notable features that can be found in the new Outlook include inbox rules, syncing categories, toggling flags and sending automatic replies. The developers of Outlook have been able to ensure maximum speed and consistency by bringing Outlook to the Office 365 platform.

With new Outlook, users are provided with the ability to collaborate on files and documents effortlessly. For example, when you receive a document that has monthly budgets, travel itineraries or to-do lists, Outlook would go to the extra step of managing edits in the attachment. Outlook has been integrated deeply with Office and it comes along with a side by side editing feature as well. If you wonder how to recall email messages in Hotmail, the new Outlook would be the perfect solution available. Along with the new features, users are provided with the ability to recall email messages without going through any hassle.

The new Outlook is compatible with a large number of partner add-ins. As a result, Outlook users will be able to get more work done within a short period of time. Out of the add-ins that is available for Outlook, GIPHY hold a prominent place. GIPHY can allow the users to add flair and fun to their emails because it provides access to the largest GIF library on the internet. The Wunderlist and Yelp add-ins have also received much attention.

The new Outlook makes conversations fast, simple and actionable. From a research that was conducted by Outlook, it has been identified that most of the emails are personal and lightweight. As a result, Outlook has introduced ability to offer inline replies. This feature can help the users to reply to emails quickly within a couple of seconds. The drop down window, which has been introduced to the reading pane, would expand as per the requirements of the users. If the users prefer to switch to a larger replying surface, they can do it without going through any frustration. In addition, users now are able to add @Mentions when they are trying the content of emails. This can be considered as one of the most convenient options available for the Outlook users to add people to conversations. All these features make Outlook as one of the best email platforms available out there.

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