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Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular games in the world. The opportunity to enter a new and interesting world where hundreds of players together with their friends can play together over the internet has helped this game acquire thousands of loyal fans who spend many hours in front of their computers. What is even more interesting is that the opponents found in this game are very sophisticated and they can be found at any stage of progress. In other words, this is a really challenging game that will keep you focused all the time.

Final Fantasy XIV is a really complex game and players need to know the basic elements in this game in order to make progress. One of the main goals in FFIXV is to make Gil. In case you didn’t know, Gil is the basic currency in FFXIV. The best way to get Gil is to defeat opponents, complete level quests and quests or to sell your valuable items on the market. Many people spend days in order to earn more Gil and they develop tactics and strategies in order to get the most from market transactions. They buy different items than resell them; they spend hours fighting different enemies that can bring them more gil etc.

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