Finding Love Online

In his book Everyone’s Guide to Online Dating, Shimrit Elisar says: “Some people will tell you that online dating is far superior to traditional dating, while others will say it’s grossly deficient. Frankly, neither of these is true. Online dating is just another way of meeting people. It has advantages and disadvantages like anything else and is not guaranteed to work for everyone. The only way to tell if it will work for you is to give it a go and see what happens.”

Love isn’t guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Gucci, seductively sucking on olives at the bar while eyeing the cutie a few feet away or if you’re wearing your PJs, scoffing down the last of the ice cream in your kitchen while responding to Joshua_29’s charming email on your laptop. Love is love – regardless of the circumstances under which it was found. But it’s up to you to get online and find it.

Online dating, such as a Muslim marriage site or Arab dating site, simply does the legwork for you. We’ve all been in situations where we second guess signals from the opposite sex. When we’re on the prowl for singles at parties, our insecurities lead to all kinds of questions. “Did she just wink at me?”, “Should I wink at him again?”, “Is she single?”, “Will he come over if I flip my hair again?”, “Should I make my move now or wait it out a little longer?”, “Will someone like him be interested in me or should I just give up and go home?” All these questions are answered without the painful public humiliation through online dating.

First dates often feel like job interviews. You’re forced to ask questions about where your date comes from, what their hobbies are, what’s their favorite color, which high school did they attend, what qualities are they looking for in a potential mate, are they axe murderers, etc. You can save time (and money on that new makeover) by discovering almost everything about someone through their profile. No more disastrous dinner dates. No more misinterpreted conversations. And no more wasted hours getting to know someone who doesn’t want kids.

With online dating profiles, you can learn so much about potential lovers before you even meet in person. Think of browsing through profiles, at sites like black dating site at as screening your calls – a simple click brings you one profile closer to finding the perfect match and true love you want and deserve.

Many people regard love found online as something different to love found on the street. But it’s not, or at least it shouldn’t be. Emotions and feelings are what they are, whether they’re discovered in a crowded restaurant between martinis or in front of your computer in your living room.

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