Floating Apps – Manage Your Salesforce Smartly

Are you a sales representative who wishes that someone would input all your sales contacts from Google Contacts to Salesforce and assign them to the right account flawlessly? Have you ever wished that you could keep all your customer’s contacts up-to-date and in order to find them faster and more easily? Well, it is time for you to bring to a halt all the tiring manual work and focus on something productive by managing all your sales activities smartly with the aid of Floating Apps’ product named AutoMagic Sync. The AutoMagic Sync app integrates the Salesforce with Google Contacts and keeps them synced without any human intervention, automatically and magically!

Salesforce integration – No longer annoying

The AutoMagic Sync app does a brilliant job every 15 minutes by identifying the contacts that are present in Google and not in the Salesforce yet, and automatically suggests a new account for them or adds them as contacts in the existing accounts. It doesn’t stop just with adding the contacts, it also checks for all the emails which the sales representatives are sending or receiving and checks if they are present in Salesforce already. If not, it will go ahead and add those emails in the right place without missing a single field and will also mark them as completed tasks if that is the case. It smartly omits the personal contacts from the Gmail and picks only those that are related to Saleforce. With AutoMagic sync, there is absolutely no concern of duplicate accounts. It warns you when you attempt to create a user account in the name of an already existing account, to avoid duplicates and ambiguities. Plus, it will not let you miss out even a single contact, as it sends out a dutiful reminder whenever you add a new contact to the Google Contacts list, so that you don’t need to switch to Salesforce to input your contacts there as well.

No Plugins, No Gadgets

AutoMagic Sync has been designed to work amazingly with the aid of minimal effort, so much so that it doesn’t even require any special plugin or gadgets. It works absolutely fine with any browser and from any device. All that you need to get started is a Google account and access to the Salesforce Cloud (API). The entire installation process of the Salesforce app is made very simple and fuss free as it doesn’t involve anything technical.

Why not give it a try?

Floating Apps offers the best possible solution to keep your CRM up-to-date without any human error. And when AutoMagic Sync is there to do all the annoying Salesforce integration like a charm, why waste the time and energy of sales reps when their time could be otherwise spent productively in sales meetings? So get started with AutoMagic Sync right away, and manage your contacts in an effective way, better than ever before.

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