New free app to save money at pharmacies nationwide

A new application has been developed for Android and iOS by that allows users to easily gain discounts on prescription medication. Users of this app can easily locate a pharmacy near them, find prices of prescription medication, and save up to 75% on their prescriptions just by showing their pharmacist their new Easy Drug Card.

We downloaded this app to take a look and try it out for ourselves, here’s what we found:

The app is very simple to use, and is very straight forward. There is a tab to locate a pharmacy, a tab to check prescription prices, a tab to pull up your discount card and an FAQ tab. No fancy bells and whistles here… but that’s a good thing… it does what it’s meant to do: save money on prescription medication.

Using the Pharmacy Locator Feature

To test, we downloaded the app and located our nearest Walgreens pharmacy (using the app of course). It pulled up the nearest pharmacy using our address very quickly and even showed how much the card would save us on our prescriptions. There was even a little information icon that gave us detailed information about the prescription, side effects, warnings, common uses and more. This information appears to be loaded from a central database, so it is always up to date.

Compare Brand Name vs Generic

If you are looking to compare prices between brand name and generic, the app does this as well. Once you locate your prescription, you have the option of selecting the dosing and the brand, so you can easily compare and save!

Users reported savings of up to 75% on the prescription drugs, and we were seeing even some prescriptions being 80-90% off.

Overall we highly recommend this app to anyone that is looking to save at the pharmacy. Check it out for yourself!