Free vs paid web hosting and website security

Lot of people are skeptical whether to choose free or paid web hosting company. There is a saying free is not always bad which made people to go after the free webhosting company to host the website at beginning. First, you need to understand – How the web hosting works? Every webhosting company has the pre-configured server at their datacenter. Some webhosting company manage to operate their own server some will decide to lease one. To operate these server, they need a lot of revenue. Whether you are hosting your blog or the application that requires huge serveral configuration. Everyone is looking to reduce their hosting bills. Thus, it doesn’t come free for the company that offer you free webhosting service. Well, how do they make money then, they have a paid plan, which is their ultimate way to bind the user.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you start reaching the good threadsome of traffic in the free webhosting company they will suspend your website. They you don’t have any choice behind upgrading to their paid plan. The paid plan from the user helps them to make money. There is a huge differentiate between their paid and free plan. Also, the tons of free webhosting company had lot of security issue. I have seen tons of example where security is a major concern among free web hosting company.

On the other hand paid web hosting company runs their server from the money they generate from the user. It’s not that all the paid web hosting company are good. If you pick a good one, then you are likely to get good service. Even in the paid hosting I had some malware problem. I used to host WordPress website where my WordPress got compromised from the malware. I didn’t had any clue. I contacted bluehost, luckily they provide me the document with all the infected file information. I tried to remove the malware but it was out of my reach.  One of my friend recommend a company where they remove WordPress malware in 24 hour. My point is you also have to look at their support system- whether they offer 247 support.

So, let’s dive into the conclusion. If you are serious enough to start your website or you are prepareing a website for your business. I strongly recommend you to buy a paid web hosting plan. Spending around $5-$6 is nothing if you are serious enough to start business online. If you don’t want to pay for your webhosting. I will recommend you to go with or they are the best and is suitable for normal static content website.