Best Free Photo Editing Software: 5 Useful Tools

Everyone is on the lookout for a highly reliable yet economical photo editor. What most are looking for is a perfect photo editing software that comes at little to no cost. It is a good idea to look for free photo editing software products. Why spend money when you can get the same results with a free product? The only thing you need to spend is a good camera. Here is an overview of affordable digital cameras to help you out.

There are many free photo editing tools available but not everyone offers the best features. The products listed below stay on top of the competition because of their productivity and compatibility.



If you like to experiment around with batches of photos then this is one of the best products. You can stack photos and apply the same effects and exposures to the entire batch. The software also allows for individual editing of images. It is also good for black and white photos. Some people find it a bit hard to understand the features of the software. It is a good idea to start with simple images and editing tools before moving on to serious reworking. It will give you enough time to get to know all the basic and advanced features of LightZone.


If you like to try many things at the same time then this is a good tool. It works well with panoramas and has actually made it easier to create one. Use the control points to manage the images or work around with panoramas by adjusting the details. Hugin uses complex algorithms to create stunning panoramas. For users, however, it is a simple job with easier to use tools. The software is equally good for those who want to do professional editing. Its Advanced Settings will make it a breeze to apply numerous effects and completely rework your photo montage.


Picasa has been around for years. It has become one of the most popular free image editing tools. One of the best features of Picasa is that it lets you manage your entire photo collection without hassle. You can also share it with friends and acquaintances online. Edit existing images or create a photo montage. Picasa allows you to play around with your images in multiple ways.


PhotoScape offers more than simple image editing. You can use the program to capture screenshots, combine images, create animated GIFs and slide shows. You can also use the advanced tools to improve the exposure and feel of the image. Some features, however, come at premium and this is a downside of PhotoScape.


Paint.Net is a gem for those who want simple yet effective image editing features. It is a successor to the Microsoft Paint. It shares some of the same features as you will find on Photoshop. The best part about Paint.Net is that it keeps on adding new features, albeit at a slow pace.

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