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For single men one of the biggest question is that when would they get a girl friend. Strangely enough they do not find it so difficult when they are facing any other difficulties like financial difficulties and other such difficulties.

It is really not strange in such a case when one feels upset about the fact of not having a girl friend. People often suffer from problems like depression, loneliness etc. These are mostly psychological problems but they can become very serious. Everyone likes to love and to be loved. It is not strange for a person to want to be loved. Having a girl friend allows him to share not only his thoughts with another person but it also allows him to get companionship that would help him to fulfil his emotional needs.


Now, before finding a girlfriend or trying to check for the girlfriend activation system or the GFAS, one has to be convinced about a few facts. They are

  • That not all girls in the world are committed.
  • That he is not a god’s gift to female that everybody has to like him.
  • Neither is he so bad that nobody would look at him

Now once he is convinced of these facts, he can try to use some of the following methods to get introduced to females who can perhaps turnout to be his girl friend. They are:

  • Trying to attend parties at some friends place where the friend introduces you to someone new.
  • Trying to find that someone special from work place, locality etc.
  • Opting the services of dating agencies after checking their girlfriend activation system or the GFAS.

Simply approaching these platforms are not enough. The soft skills would also play an important role as well. The behaviour of the person is very important. He also needs to dress well. There is no requirement of wearing fancy clothes, but it is important to dress decently. He has to be a genuine person who is keen on a relationship and does not plan to use a lady. The respect towards the human dignity is very important.

If one would check out the gfas program then he would realise that cooperation from both the parties are essential. Not only would he receive assistance from the GFAS but he would also have to play out his responsibility as well.

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